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What is this place?

¤OPP how can I explain it? Oh, that's not right...

Let me explain just what this site is...it is made up of a couple different parts, really it is a mash of my artwork, my interests and placeholders. lol. The majority of the site is a virtual portfolio of my pin ups and art work, for a central place to find them in. I love pin ups like Vargas and Peter Dribben's work. It just is a lot of fun to do, and sort of incongruous when you think of it. Also I like the pulp style which I try and do in a lot of my work and fashion style portraits, with dramatic makeup and poses. Of course cutesy rockabilly cartoony pictures and a strip of comic panel to uploaded somewhere lol.

Err, what all is next. Oh! The meat and potatoes of the site is my Elizabeth Short hub, it is to help those interested to find out any and all they can in one main area about the Black Dahlia. The pages are going through construction right now, but a lot is up already, like links and merchandise as well as the bulletin board. Pretty soon however I hope to have scans of the movie and documentary cases,books (w/links), in addition to pictures of the various items like the lippy, dolls etc. People often ask about the hub and I honestly can tell you it's out of respect to Miss Short....when I was in school at either 14 or 15 I'd done a paper on some various murder cases for a term paper and being the typical black clad girly girl was enthralled reading about this young girl also from Mass who had a penchant for wearing black and meeting a horrible fate. Once you read about her, and read everything---mind you so much out there is slanderous you tend to fall in love with her, and I mean that not in any sexual manner but like a sister or a friend that such a nice girl just trying to find her way in life as a naive 22 year old in the forties met with such a brutal end, you anything sensational about the case and just feel sorry that Miss Short's life was snuffed out before she really had a chance to live. So while the full on truth may never be uncovered about the why and who did her this injustice, you can think of her sweetly as an outgoing girl who made friends fast by all accounts and not as a murder victim.

About me:

I'm Jess. The webmistress or what have you. ^^

Let me see...

Ahh..I love Optimus Rhyme. So much. collecting McFarlane figures, Psychobilly,Nerdcore, Buffy,vintage clothes,old hardcore music, Public Enemy and old Def Jam hits, Blythe, candy paint,metal flake,vintage cars, James Ellroy,noir, playing with my nephews, going to shows, playing Final Fantasy XI. What all else do I dig! Listening to way too much Depeche Mode for one's own good,Makeup,laughing, watching movies, baking/cooking, talking. being cold on the beach,My friends, my family,people that actually have a moral system or backbone, gentlemen, my cats..Oh yes and all things piratical.



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