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Digital Art Gallery

My full gallery is hosted by Renderosity.com, I decided to keep the heft of my gallery archived there instead repeating here for bandwidth's sake.

There is a program note however: Some images contain nudity. Nothing even basic cable all classy. lol. There is nudity as mentioned in some of the pictures but zero straight up adult content. In other words I prefer to do portraits and pin ups.

I have selected some of my favorites to display in my gallery here in the following pages @the-dahlia.com Please click thumbnails to expand the images. Please do not remove pictures from site without permission. Email artist.

My Renderosity Archived Gallery.

titled:Avenge titled:Liz Short

titled:Orchid EASD titled:EAS:The Living Flower

titled:Pray for Me titled:Silent Miss Vanity

titled:Slaytanic Baby titled:Tatuage

titled:Hazmat titled:Whatever

Gallery Page 2



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