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Tribute to Elizabeth Short, 1925-1947

Well, here is my Beth Short page. She was better known by the sobriquet: The Black Dahlia.
Since I was in my early teens I have had a fascination with Beth Short. Although fascination
isn't the proper word. A huge sense of sadness and wanting to know more about Elizabeth Short
herself and not her famous mutilation death. It all seemed so sad. If you muddle through the travesty and horror of her death, it just lies
beyond sad.

Here is a young woman who all she had ever wanted was to be married and to be famous. Unfortunately the latter was granted, but not in ever a way that was to be expected. If you have read a lot of the books out there either fiction or true crime books with conjecturing and out there theories then you know the story of the brutality and empty leads.

Here is a quick rundown as to the various elements of the site. The Link section, naturally is link filled...links to various author sites as well as links to articles around the net. Book section lists books relating to Elizabeth Short. Film/Television for info regarding movies and documentaries as well as author TV appearances when I can-Dedicated Dahlia gallery, no there aren't pictures to be found of the crime scene etc, there are my artworks in honour of Beth Short. Merchandise, for lack of a better word, if you are looking for items sporting the name Black Dahlia and Elizabeth Short related memorabilia.

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