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¤Sat, 17 Jan,2009

Finally getting around to updating,gutting, redesigning and all that good shite. So if it is even messier than normal. I apologize.

But never mind all this go directly over to Hipster Please! to download the holiday Optimus Rhyme EP TransfORmed which is a juggernaut of win. Can't stop listening to it!

My versions of photoshop are so old that neither want to work. Trying to fiddle with it so it works. Makes me an angry puppy. Need to redo a lot of the images on here, just not pleased with the meh look the site has had slapped up here for the past while. Hadn't had the care to do it feeling as I had the past few rough months. /Whinge.

¤Sat, 4 Oct,2008

Finally remembering to add to my gallery here ^^ I need to rehaul the entire site set up really and also upload a bunch of new work. Alrighty, some newer works! Check here and here. ^^



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