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This is the general links section, which will contain links to other Elizabeth Short related sites and links to various articles. For the most part I wont have too many comments on each site content wise, as I leave it to your discretion and opinions. Some are dodgy, some aren't...I'll leave it up to you. If you know of one I have not listed please do e-mail me.

Main and Author Websites

BethShort.com Pamela Hazelton's site. Perfect starting point, really a comprehensive website. I must point out that graphic images are present, so do please be forewarned.

Larry Harnisch's site. Lots of information to be found here, read in depth his theory naming a killer named Dr. Walter Bayley. Features a detailed FAQ

John Gilmore's site. Author of Severed.

Steve Hodel's site. Author of Black Dahlia Avenger.

Black Dahlia Solution. Another presented theory. Graphic photos, be forewarned.

LA Public Library. Various photographs.

Le Mythe du Dahlia Noir French site. Graphic photos.

Movie Related Websites

Official Black Dahlia movie site

LA Times:Story as reported supplement to movie site.

Trailer hosted by Yahoo!.

Various Web Articles

< Piercing the Veil.

Funeral Guy.

Kyle J. Wood's Infamous Hollywood Unsolved Mysteries. Graphic photo.

Prairie Ghosts.

San Diego Online article.

Grim Society. Graphic photos.

January Magazine. Article regarding Max Allan Collins' fictional Angel in Black.

Crime Library.com Contains graphic photos.

Court TV.



Morbidly Hollywood. Graphic photos.

The Criminal Mind. Graphic photo.

Black Hat Mystery Bookstore.


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