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Are you searching for Dahlia related items? Well look no further...I can't vouch for all of the items, but where I can, I will. If you are a collector of all things Elizabeth Short, this hopefully should aid in your quest.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Black Dahlia perfume, BPAL makes gorgeous scents in an array of notes. Really lovely site with wonderfully macabre design and lush perfume descriptions. Black Dahlia perfume is new as of june, and can be found on the Sin & Salvation page.

City Morgue Gift Shop if you are so inclined, purchase a copy of Miss Short's death certificate.

FeMaledictions a perfumery specializing in the fantastical. Their contribution is Bisected, and look for the upcoming bath set. I know I'm waiting with baited breath.

Sebastian Trucco Sebastian's Trucco cosmetic line makes a foxy lipgloss which is called Divinyls in a deep burgandy shade called Black Dahlia, it is my favorite lippy and it matches the nail polish by Pretty Pretty oddly enough.

Pretty Pretty makes a Black Dahlia nail polish that compliments the above lipgloss perfectly.

Living Dead Dolls Series 5 features two 'Dahlia' dolls, there is a chase variant doll that is done up in 'black and white' right down to the coffin being grey. Typical LDD in the gorey as cute fashion.

Ebay...the old standbuy, great for finding books and videos etc.

Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlias ooh swellelegant octane-driven swing. Interwoven musical tales of Elizabeth Short

Adventure Collective's review of Take Two Interactive's Black Dahlia PC game, this is easily found on . I haven't bought it, so I can't expound on the wherefore or what save there are a lot of puzzles involved.

Black Dahlia Music. Music.

V Search Media where to purchase online Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlias cds online, as well as sample mp3s download 'Tallulah's Boudoir' and you will be hooked.

Marilyn Manson painting of Elizabeth Short.

Marilyn Manson another painting. Graphic.

Otaku KISS doll.

The Black Dahlia Murder. Death metal.

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